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'Fifty Shades of Grey' official movie trailer has fans on the fence

Do you like Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey?
Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Okay the wait is finally over! Yes, the first official trailer of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer has been released and fans are...teetering on whether or not it entices or turns off their interest in watching the movie which is scheduled for release in February 2015. Columbia Pictures YouTube channel released the video 7/24/14 and as of the time of the posting the video only has 16,622 views and 616 comments.

Dakota Johnson looks amazing as Ana and Jamie Dornan seems amazing as Christian Grey. The biggest trend in the comments is about who is playing Grey. There was a lot of buzz around the actor people wanted to see in the role of Grey back when the movie was being discussed and a lot of role casting for the role and while Jamie Dornan isn't as big of a name as some that were considered, cast, chose to walk away etc he appears to have an amazing handle on the character in the trailer. But let's be honest, no matter who played the roles, some people would be happy and others disappointed because everyone had their own picture of who would be Christian and Ana in their minds when they read the book.

The other concern was how close the movie would portray the book, if the love story would come through underneath all the kinky love making. This movie trailer has a hint of what is to come but fans will have to wait for the movie to know for sure. That has been the book-to-movie argument for decades. The movie is never going to be exactly like the book because a book can be 500 pages and a movie is only a couple of hours. There are going to be things that are removed and sometimes things changed to fit the vision of the director the best one can hope for is it's close... or if you didn't care for the book, maybe one hopes that it's not close but similar. As long as the basic story is portrayed and characters stay true to themselves it should hit the spot.

Being a published author of multiple paranormal books, I can honestly say, these points are valid for any author as well as fan when a book becomes a movie. A story that pulls you into the pages of the book will immerse you into the fantasy of the words playing out on the page and anyone who is visual will create the ideal person in their mind to play the roles.

Another point of argument from those wonderful comments on the trailer page is that the music for this particular trailer is Beyonce. Some love her some hate her, it seemed to fit nicely into the message being delivered in the video. So you be the judge. Check out the video and tell us what you think. Here is the link.

Jami is a published author with two paranormal book series on the market; the Winters Saga (paranormal fantasy adventure) and Mystery Springs (adult paranormal romance). Check out her books here.

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