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Fifty Shades of Grey Aliens

Fair use, to illustrate article's context.
Fair use, to illustrate article's context.
Fifty Shades of Grey Aliens

In the article Extra-terrestrial aliens and time travel, various people of various fields were quoted and cited who conclude that aliens (by any other name) are highly evolved human beings visiting us from the future. This is not a recent conclusion but appears to be the original concept, the original identification of what the aliens are.

Of the various forms of reported alien species, we are interested, specifically, on Fifty Shades of Grey Aliens; that is to say, the grey (aka gray) aliens.

One view could be that it is an original conclusion and another is that it was an original premise. That is to say that, as you can see in a slide show or a video of the slides; when you consider various images of grey aliens; it all began with thinkers and authors pondering what future humans may look like.

Some of the images portray future humans, some aliens and some humans transforming into aliens.

The images are these are taken, mostly, from sci fi/fantasy books, comics and movies which subsequently inform pop-occulture.

The concept was that greater intelligence was correlated with larger brains and thus, larger heads. Such as in the case of H.G. Wells concept of the “Man of the year million” which gains sustenance from dipping in fluids which would cause smaller jaws, mouth, lips, etc.

Eye might grow along with the upper portion of the head whilst the nose is reduced along with lower portion.

Bodies would diminish in size along with their utility as various high tech machines would take over physical labor.

The step from future humans to future, or current, aliens was, thus, a small one; aliens being viewed as being far advanced; they would have already gone through such changes.

There are many today who see aliens as future humans time traveling from the future to visit the humans of the past; we current humans.

As we noted, this may very well be the original view come full circle.

Now, this does not mean that aliens are, actually, time traveling humans. It may very well mean that, at one level, aliens are a well formulated thought experiment gone bad. That is to say that once fiction, fantasy and philosophic thinkers hit upon the archetypical grey aliens; the image was used to fuel pop-occulture and, some may say, black government ops and projects of all sorts.


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