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'Fifty Shades' has come a long way, trailer release date announced by E L James

E L James announces trailer release
E L James announces trailer release

With its humble, yet impactful beginnings as a saucy piece of "Twilight" fan fiction, "Fifty Shades of Grey" started as an e-book, made publishers take notice and quickly soared to stardom, taking a life of its own and even landing a film adaptation. All of this began in 2010 and a mere 4 years later, fans are going to be given the chance to see their beloved Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey portrayed in the flesh on July 24. E L James confirmed the rumors on July 8 that the theatrical trailer would be released, Tweeting "Hold on to your hats folks. You'll get your first look at the FSoG movie trailer on July 24. I’ve had a sneak peek and WOW! #WeAimToPlease."

The actual content of the trailer is being kept under lock and key for now so fans can only speculate which scenes they will be privy to in just a few short weeks. Will Charlie Tango make an appearance, the red room, or maybe even the infamous Escala elevator? The possibilities are endless and fans have taken to Twitter to share their hopes for the trailer.

Laters Baby ‏@LatersBabyUK E L E V A T O R !!!!

Stephanie Ann ‏@Stephie_Bella when they first lock eyes at the interview :)

Stephanie Trujillo @SttephTrujillo When she falls at his office

When it comes down to it, the fan base is truly ecstatic they will be getting a glimpse of the film, no matter what is shown. The premiere of the full-length feature will be released in the US on Feb 13, just in time for that "heart and flowers" Valentine's date.

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