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Fifth 'Jeopardy' win for Arthur Chu: Will someone tell me WHAT the hubbub is?
A fifth Jeopardy win for the "evil genius" Arthur Chu... So?

A fifth “Jeopardy” win is in the books for the evil genius Arthur Chu, whose unconventional playing style is touching off all sorts of tumult and criticisms from longtime fans of the braniac quiz show.

I’ll tell you – I just don’t see it.

His irregular game theory has netted the young man a total winnings to date of $123,600, writes the Huffington Post on Monday.

The Huffington Post explains:

While most players start with the easiest, low-paying questions on the board, Chu specifically headhunts the lucrative Daily Doubles – which are typically located at the higher values – by going for questions randomly all over the board.

Rather than gradually get into the subject in the category with questions that get progressively more difficult, the insurance compliance worker and voice actor starts out with the toughest questions and ends up building a big bankroll early on.

Okay, so Chu opting to go with the higher-stakes questions first, instead of starting with the easier and low dollar ones, is some sort of new-fangled and scandalous strategy?

I enjoy Jeopardy; if I can get at least one answer correct in each category row of questions, I feel like I might be fairly smart. At least on the cusp of figuring out my daughter’s Galaxy tab or performing a complex math equation, say, the percentage of times I have asked my hubby to pick up his socks compared to the times he has complied.

“I can understand it’s less pleasant to watch,” Chu said. “But the producers weren’t paying me to make the show pleasant to watch. If you were playing for fun, you could talk about poor sportsmanship, but within the rules, it’s about winning. If you don’t like it, change the rules.”

I’m all open for comments, dear readers. If you are a Chu-hater, please tell me why below.

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