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Fifth grade student suspended for pointing his finger like a gun

The Columbus Dispatch reports a story today about Nathan Entingh, 10, a fifth-grade student who received a three-day suspension from school for using his finger as an imaginary gun. Nathan attends school at Devonshire Alternative Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio.

Nathan Entingh,10, was suspended from school for pointing his finger like a gun.
Columbus Dispatch website

Although the other student didn’t see the gesture, a teacher witnessed it. The teacher reported the incident to Principal Patricia Price, who suspended the boy. The school referred to the finger gesture as a “lookalike firearm.”

Price said she had given several warnings to students that fake gun games aren’t permitted. District representative Jeff Warner said the student pretended to execute the other child. Warner said the school sent parents three newsletters restricting this activity. The school has zero tolerance for simulating a gun.

The young man’s father said his son has never been in any trouble, and he considered the punishment extreme.

Read more about this story at the Columbus Dispatch.

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