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Fifth Content Update of 2014 for Guild Wars 2 Released!

Guild Wars 2 Lion's Arch Aftermath
Guild Wars 2 Lion's Arch Aftermath
NCSoft, ArenaNet

Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath, the fifth content update for Guild Wars 2 this year was released today continuing the previous story, which is viewable on ArenaNet's YouTube channel.

“Scarlet’s siege of Lion’s Arch has been broken. Now, with the city freed and our enemies driven out, it is time to tend to the wounded and begin the long process of rebuilding.”

Beginning March 28, the 2014 WvW (World verse World) Spring Tournament begins. Just as before Worlds will be split up into leagues and battle against other worlds for ultimate dominance!

Always ready with beautiful artwork, the team at ArenaNet have created a number of new wallpapers for your rigs available for download.

Previous Guild Wars 2 Releases in 2014 include:

  • The Origin's of Madness – Jan 21
  • The Edge of the Mists – Feb 4
  • Escape from Lion's Arch – Feb 18
  • Battle for Lion's Arch – Mar 4
  • Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath – Mar 18

Additional content releases can be found on the official Guild Wars 2 website.

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