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Fifth Annual Tenor Guitar Gathering, Hall of Fame

Catherine Al-Meten

The Tenor Guitar Gathering, has become a fixture of the music scene every spring here in Astoria. For the past five years, musicians and music lovers come from all over to spend a long weekend playing, singing, and enjoying tenor guitar music. Musicians also bring their drums, banjos, fiddles, harmonicas, and other stringed instruments, and it is a rollicking good weekend of music and musical collaboration. This year's event has been expanded from three to four full days and nights of music.

Tenor Guitar Gathering V will run from June5-8. This year, you won’t want to miss the induction of the newest member of the Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame, Jimmy Dodd. Jimmy Dodd is a name those of us who grew up with the Mouseketeers know well. He was the congenial musical host who played his tenor guitar as he led the Mouseketeers in song and dance.

Mark Josephs, the heart and soul of the annual Tenor Guitar Gathering and the Tenor Guitar Foundation, described what it was like to play one of Dodd’s own tenor guitars:

“I had to play the Mickey Mouse Club March on Jimmy Dodd's Martin. I couldn't resist. It had been in storage for over fifty years. I can tell you there is no greater thrill for a "baby boomer" than to hold the guitar you saw on television as a five year old. I was beyond thrilled. “

Dean Jeff Gatten from Cal Arts Valencia College will be on hand in Astoria to accept the award on behalf of Jimmie Dodd. All of Jimmie Dodd's memorabilia and tenor guitars will be on display, at some point, at the college.

Josephs had tracked down the owner of the Candlemas Instruments, Thomas Delgado whose luthier uncle had made the original Mousgetar for Jimmy Dodd. , and discovered that the Jimmy Dodd Archives were being held nearby his other home in Los Angeles. The Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame received its fifth member this year, and that along with the four days and nights of music, music, and music is something you don’t want to miss.

Josephs, who puts so much into making this annual event so special and successful says that he believes, “Jimmy Dodd would have enjoyed knowing that years after the Mickey Mouse Club, a Tenor Guitar Foundation would be created, and that foundation would recognize him as one of the most warm and endearing tenor guitar players who ever graced the planet.”

This year’s event will be held June 5-8, and the tenor guitar musicians line up features:

Tim May, the Lion Sons, Professor Douglas Fraser, John Lawlor, Tom Molyneaux, Mark Josephs, EZ Marc Poschman, Stephen Shauer, Pat Mac Swyney, Erich Sylvester, Gerry Carthy, Jean Mann, and Carl Allen.

Time to make your plans, get your tickets and pack your bags to head for this year's Tenor Guitar Gathering. Purchase your tickets oneline at: Tenor Guitar Gathering.

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