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Fifi Lapin Hits Forever 21


Fifi Lapin's outfit by Erin Fetherston
Fifi Lapin

We've produced many famous animals, thanks to the internet. We have skateboarding dogs, ninja cats, ceiling cats, surprised hamsters, and countless LOLcats. But what good does this offer? None of them can talk, shop, blog, take photos, travel independently (save for the skateboarding dog, I assume)... What good are animal internet sensations if they don't contribute to society, right?

Well... Maybe not, but let's just say I'm right for the sake of this article.

In the darkest hour of the internet's talented-animal-production schedule, in strolls demure bunny, Fifi Lapin, wearing a daring Erin Fetherston F/W '09 getup including a voluminous petticoat-like skirt and a stark white tuxedo jacket. Where she's strolled into, I'm unsure, but nearly everyone there is staring.

She is hands down the most stylish bunny ever, much less the most talented animal to surface on the internet.

After two collections with bag outfitter, LeSportSac, Lapin is ready to move on to bigger, more highly visible projects. She's signed a deal for two shirts (both with her adorable bunny face) to be produced and sold at your local Forever 21, via their Heritage 1981 line. The best part about the deal - the artist actually knows about the image use! Ahh, Forever-21-copyright humor will never get old.

Both tees are raglan-style, meaning the fit is highly relaxed and a little oldschool - quite the contrast for Ms. Lapin! They give off a chic, "couldn't care less if I were naked" Parisian vibe, wearable over jeans or a skirt in ultra-casual fashion.

Photo: Forever 21

Both tees are still available in most sizes at the Forever 21 website, priced at $18.90. Lapin also has prints available for sale in her shop. Fifi Lapin's popular style blog is here.