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FIFA: Say No To Racism; Redskins

Apparently FIFA, who is working hard to eradicate racism from football, didn't see any problem with the term, "Home to The Redskins" today, when Spain played El Salvador in a FIFA International Friendly.

FIFA forgot to tell the Redskins their stance on Racism, during Spain's match with El Salvador at FedEx Field.
Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images

As of late, a lot has been said about the increasing amount of racism being displayed in the Global game, most notably, the banana incident involving Dani Alves who plays for Barcelona.

It was an obvious display of ignorance and racism on the part of the individual and the supporters who allowed it to happen. FIFA spoke out against it and countless players and celebrities condemned the action by eating a banana in a social media campaign.

Recently, 60 Minutes Sports did a segment on racism and highlighted American player, Jozy Altidore, an African American, who plays for Dutch club FC Den Bosch. He like many players of African descent was met with "monkey noises" from the stands every time he touched the ball.

FIFA, as well as the club was right to punish the fans who made the racially insensitive sounds.

FIFA is doing a lot of good trying to combat racism and has a lot of clout as the governing body of the world's most popular sport. They should have forced The Redskins and FedEx Field to cover up what many consider to be a derogatory term towards America's native people.

FIFA, if you are going to make the world a better place for the game of football, you have to exert your power EVERYWHERE. Fans in Spain, in particular, where a lot of problems have been occurring, are watching this match right now. They see that a racial term is allowed to be broadcast to the whole world. If that is allowed, how can FIFA continue their campaign against racism? It seems a bit hypocritical. Fight all forms of racism or don't make the fight at all. If the Redskins want to profit off an International Soccer game being played in their house, make them cover up the insensitivity they are so proud of.

Home to The Redskins? Some might say, "home to racism".

As soccer, fans, what do you think of the team name, Washington Redskins? Do you think it is insensitive?

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