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FIFA robs Brits of goal in World Cup: The politics of big-money sports



  • muller 5 years ago

    england were rubbish thru out the world cup. stop kidding yourself with excuses

  • Examiner 5 years ago

    muller says: "england were rubbish thru out the world cup. stop kidding yourself with excuses"

    Obviously muller YOU CAN'T READ. There are no excuses for anybody in my article. If YOU COULD READ, you would see that the entire article is about FIFA & their antiquated view of the sport they govern as dictators. IF YOU COULD READ, you'd have seen that those in charge of FIFA are too stupid to realize that even though they refuse any form of technology to aid in assuring that their sport is played-out on a level field, the world IS viewing it in instant-replay. The days of no proof of a bad call are decades behind us.

    IF YOU COULD READ, you'd see that while I couldn't have cared less who won the match, I despise bull-headed conservatism that stifles progress in many facets of life, even a game so insignificant (to me) as a pre-quarter-final qualifier game of soccer.

    I guess whoever read the article to you didn't do a very good job if you thought I was making excuses for England.

  • The Mexican 5 years ago

    What about the goal the refs allowed in our game vs Argentina?!

    Any real soccer/football fan knows the value of a goal. ONE goal TOTALLY changes a game. England vs Germany. Germany is the better team. If the goal counted, the score would have been 2-2... England would not have to press forward for a tying goal... would not leave themselves vulnerable to a counter attack (which Germany used to score two quick goals). Same with Mexico... Argentina is the better team, when the offsides goal was allowed, it totally changed the dynamics of the game, and Mexico's stategy.

    These players work their entire lives to make it to the World Cup, train their entire lives to play at soccer's top level. Only to have a game decided (or greatly influeneced) by bad calls. Bad calls that can easily be corrected by a 4th offical having a monitor/watching the reply/relaying the correct call to the head ref via the radio headphones they are already wearing!

    Instant replay is a must!!

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