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Fifa can bring Brazilians together as a nation

The World Cup can serve as a source of unity and national pride for Brazil.
The World Cup can serve as a source of unity and national pride for Brazil.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Sports may appear to be little more than frivolous diversions for grownups on the surface, but they can also serve communities on a deeper level. Because sports foster community cohesion and serve as a focal point for social support, sports can help bring diverse members of a community together. When it comes to a national endeavor like the FIfa World Cup 2014, the diverse Peoples of Brazil have a chance to unite around a common source of national pride.

What soccer can do for the various socioeconomic groups within Brazil is serve as a shared point of interest and passion. When People get to know each other, they often start to take greater interest in others aspects of each others’ lives. Given the sharp divide between the haves and have-nots in Brazil, the feeling that all Brazilians are connected can help those with the power to improve their society see the value in supporting those in need of real opportunity.

Because the last thing Brazil needs is for visitors to have to use their FIfa World Cup Travel Insurance, those with vested interests in the games, along with those who want to show the world Brazil is a choice destination for vacationers and businesses, have an added incentive to ensure the tournament goes smoothly. In truth, only a balanced, unified Brazil can compete on the global field. This means all Brazilians must welcome the world while those who have the power to change Brazil must ensure all Brazilians have something to gain from a brighter future.

Nations with great contrasts between their various socioeconomic classes and cultures often suffer from power elites who are unwilling to risk losing some of their privilege in order to make sure their nation’s public policies and economy benefit the less affluent. Reminding those at the top that they are part of the same national identity as those who struggle to survive on a daily basis is a way to help all sides consider the perspectives and interests of each other. Moreover, the Fifa World Cup 2014 Brazil is a passion-provoking symbol that all Brazilians can look to with pride as a nation.