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'FIFA 15' cheaters facing big time EA ban-hammer

FIFA 15 cheaters gonna get the ban hammer
FIFA 15 cheaters gonna get the ban hammer
Photo courtesy EA Sports

When players get their hands on FIFA 15 they will need to be careful they aren’t cheating. EA Sports announced on Saturday that it will be breaking out the ban hammer for anyone who is looking to game the system in FIFA 15. Scammers and Coin Bots especially will find their FIFA 15 experiences severely hampered.

Gamerant reports that FIFA 15 coin farmers are going to be losing more than just their ill-gotten FIFA 15 gains. EA announced gamers who buy coins, or promote a coin buying system will be subject to a kind of three-strikes policy.

The first FIFA 15 strike will receive nothing more than a warning email. The second offense will be quite a bit harsher and will lead to the gamer having their Ultimate Team reset while also losing all their points.

If that wasn’t harsh enough, the third offense will quite simply cripple those who are trying to sell or buy these coins. If a gamer is caught cheating for a third time, they will receive a lifetime FIFA Online ban. This doesn’t simply mean the game will have to wait until next year’s release. This ban will include more than FIFA 15. This ban means they won’t be able to get online with any of the games in the franchise moving forward.

It should be pointed out that the three-strikes policy is only for coin buyers and promoters. Those who are actually selling or farming coins will be banned from all EA games forever. Not just EA sports either, but every game produced by the company.

Make sure if you are planning to play FIFA 15 when it releases on September 23 you aren’t engaging in any kind of coin buying or selling type cheating.

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