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Fiesta to siesta

Woman waving Mexican Flag
Woman waving Mexican Flag
Photo by Brandon Wade

Dartmouth cancelled a planned fundraiser for cardiac care after receiving a complaint from one intolerant student. That's correct. Daniela Hernandez, a Mexican born, United States raised student complained that the event was culturally insensitive. Why? Alpha Phi Sorority and Phi Delta Alpha fraternity were organizing a "Phiesta."The Phiesta event had invited the Dartmouth community to come listen to music, and enjoy non-alcoholic Mexican themed drinks and food. All proceeds from the Phiesta were to benefit the cardiac charity. Daniela, bless her little heart, heard of the event and promptly ran to anyone in a position of authority that would listen. You see, Cinco de Mayo themed events are insensitive to those of Mexican decent. The celebrations do not represent the real meaning of the day. We American born, United States raised citizens seem to turn the day into a drinking holiday, and that has upset Daniela. Is Daniela going to protest Memorial Day too? Doubt that. Daniela stated ever so eloquently the following.

As a Mexican born, United States raised, first generation woman of color, it was sadly unsurprising that a culturally themed party was seen as a casual venture for such a privileged institution such as Dartmouth.

WOW! Bienvenido to Dartmouth! You are one smart woman of color (as opposed to a smart woman with lack of color). Too bad you have no common sense. The notion that the organizers of the event, its sponsors or the community, some how had misguided or racist intentions is just ridiculous. Your intentions are the other hand are suspect.

How sad that Dartmouth and its organizers chose to cater to the squeaky wheel. Those who are the least tolerant and sensitive among us are dictating what the sane can and can not do or say. The sorority president even stated that if their event offended even one member of the Dartmouth community, it would not be worth the potential benefits. No offense, but you need to go back to class to examine something called marginal analysis. The costs versus the benefits. Clearly the benefits of the fundraiser outweighed the costs, considering there were no legitimate costs... just one self serving student with a politically correct agenda.

The money raised for this event was going to help those with heart ailments. You know, those pesky little annoyances like congestive heart failure, transplants, and other irritations. The only real irritation here is Daniela Hernandez. The only real insensitivity is to the cardiac patients.

This stunt and others like it should make everyone's heart skip a beat. We need to stop the madness and stop being afraid of what the political correct crowd will say or call us. Their opinion does not matter and their intentions are not pure.

Happy Cinco de mayo day, Daniela. Your tantrum has made a fool out of you and a fine institution.

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