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Field trip Fridays!

Even the most dedicated person working from home needs a change of scenery once and a while. Sometimes the best way to clear a block is to go someplace else.  One thing I've learned recently is that when I need to get uninterrupted work done, I need to leave the house. At home, things like laundry, kids, husband, dog, and all the other stuff on my to-do list comes calling.  Because I can work just about anywhere so long as my laptop and cell phone work, I like finding places where I go.

On Fridays, I will be posting reviews of different places in the Denver Metro area I've used as a working getaway. Specific things I will be looking at are:

Location: Pretty self explanatory.
Hours: Nothing worse than showing up at a place to find it's closed.
Time I visited: Some places are busier than others at different times.
Seating: How many tables you can expect.
Electrical Outlets: For those of us on limited laptop batteries, this one can be key!
Outdoor Seating: Great for those warm summer months!
Cost: What I bought and how much I spent.
Amenities: Special things I like to have, like honey. If you want me to look for an item, let me know!
Tea: I'm a tea drinker, so I always look for what brand of tea they use.
Coffee: Brand of coffee is key to coffee drinkers, right?
Food: What they serve, in case you get hungry!
Wi-Fi: Another key for some people using a place as a remote office.
Parking: Do they have enough places to park?
Staff: What kind of service will you get?
Ambiance: Is it a good place to work?
Kid-Friendly Notes: If you have to take the kids, are there things for the kids to do?

Then, I'll follow with a general review. If there are places or information you want about a place, let me know and I'll add it to my list!


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