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Field transformation completed at Levi's Stadium

The back side of Levi's Stadium as seen from 4949 Centennial Blvd
The back side of Levi's Stadium as seen from 4949 Centennial Blvd
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The San Francisco 49ers new football stadium took another step to being completed on schedule for next season. Levi's Stadium's grass installation was completed on Monday afternoon.

Levi's Stadium's field turf was completed on Monday
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The 49ers opened a brief tour for the media with the VIPs and executives on hand. New team president Paraag Marathe was excited that the field is completely green. With the grass being so new, it was too premature for Marathe to set foot on it.

"There's something nostalgic and almost romantic about putting in a field," Marathe said. "Just even walking here for me felt like a kid. I wanted to throw a football around on the turf but [groundskeeper Matt Grenier] won't let me."

The new grass in Levi's Stadium will require less water than a standard football field and it will be tough enough to sustain foot traffic.

While the field has been completed, there is still work to be done. The stadium is putting the finishing touches on installing every seat, which will hold 68,500 inside. Other parts that are still under construction include the technology and electric wiring within the stadium.

Levi's Stadium will have a strong enough WiFi for every fan in the building to use if desired. Fans will be able to search for the nearest vendor and place food orders from their seat.

The first sporting event in Levi's Stadium will be a soccer match on August 2, when the San Jose Earthquakes take on the Seattle Sounders. The 49ers will then host the Denver Broncos on the second week of the NFL Preseason for their first game inside the stadium. They will also play the San Diego Chargers for another preseason game on August 24.