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Fido Fashion has inked a lucrative deal

These products are not only pretty, but effective!
These products are not only pretty, but effective!
Fido Fashion

As of today, Fido Fashion (FF), makers of a new line of fun and fashionable pet collars and leashes featuring the new patented MagneClip®, inked a deal with select Pet Supplies Plus stores in the Dallas, Texas area. The stores have agreed to carry FF’s new innovative line of patented MagneClip® Ease magnetic snap leashes.

In fact, all eight Pet Supplies Stores in the Dallas, surrounding area, including Dallas, Plano, Lewisville, Garland and Plano, are currently carrying Fido Fashion’s four- and six-foot leashes featuring the new and exclusive patented MagneClip® Ease magnetic closures and are featured in an end cap to showcase the availability of the new line.

Their products are unlike the prolific stiff spring clips on most leashes that are difficult to operate. The patented MagneClip® featured on the new line of leashes at Pet Supplies Plus, is a high quality hand-polished clip that's perfect for pet owners who suffer from arthritis or weak grip strength, or are just tired of chipping and breaking nails and pinching fingers.

The unique MagneClip® features magnets that work very differently than springs, allowing a very powerful attraction when they touch creating more strength in the clip, yet diminishes the magnetic attraction the further the magnets are apart, allowing the clip to be easily opened and easily closed, nevertheless strong enough for any size pet.

“We are very excited to be able to offer our innovative MagneClip® leashes for pet lovers through these popular Pet Supplies Plus stores in the Dallas area,” shared Lucy Mitchell, founder of Fido Fashion and MagneClip®. “We believe this is just the start of our intro into a wider distribution in the US market.”

Fido Fashion was founded in 2008 by President and Owner, Lucy A. Mitchell. In 2010 while she attended a large pet tradeshow in Germany, she spoke with a pet leash vendor. While doing so, she was looking over one of their leash products when the spring clip snapped back and painfully flipped her thumb nail off from the nail bed, breaking it. Alas, the idea for the brand new, patented MagneClip® Ease leash and matching collars.

She sketched up some idea and sent them to Goddard Technologies, Incorporated, in Boston, Massachusetts. They took three years to develop and get her creation into production. Finally, in October, 2012, the MagneClip® was officially launched at HH Backer Tradeshow in Chicago, Illinois.

By March, 2013, Fido Fashion leashes became available at several retail outlets in Denver, Colorado. Full Utility patents and Trademarks were issued. Then in April, Fido Fashion leashes using MagneClip® patented clips became available on

If Lucy continues to expand her excellent product, perhaps soon Fido Fashion will be in your area. Be on the lookout!

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