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This seems to be a dilemma for some employers. Should pets be allowed into the work place?. Well, I guess the first consideration is the workplace. If it is a warehouse with lots of moving equipment, and large trucks, it is probably not the safest of environments for your 4 legged companion. Along with being a safety factor for your companion, all the noise and commotion could be very upsetting to them. What about the medical field? I think that depends on your particular job. It has been shown how beneficial it is to have pets visiting sick people. In the school is another great place to bring a pet. It is a great way to make them aware of the proper treatment of a 4 legged companion. They are a great interaction tool for kids who struggle with both social and learning challenges.
As an employer, you do have to take into consideration the liabilities involved in bringing companions into your work place, and check all licenses and permit problems that may occur. The medical aspect for other employees, such as allergies, is also an concern. One must check with their lawyer to see what kind of responsibilities they would be expected to cover in the event of an accident, either to the pet, property, or another person while in your establishment. Once this has been covered, and as an employer you are sure the companions that will be coming are both medically and temperament sound, and are well behaved people should be allowed to bring them to work. It is a win win situation. Surveys have shown employees who bring their companions to work tend to pay more attention to detail. They are not in as big a hurry to leave, if there is a project that needs finishing, and the moral seems to be better. After all hasn’t it been proven that scratching one’s companion lowers blood pressure. What a great benefit for the employee in a high stress job, both for them, and the people they are dealing with.

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