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Fiddler's Green Road

There are many places located throughout Cincinnati that are reputed to be haunted. Among these many places are the cemeteries that have been reputed to have paranormal activity as well. One such cemetery is the Mount Saint Joseph Cemetery located on Fiddler's Green Road. This cemetery has a ghost that is known by the name of Tenskwatwa who is Tecumseh's brother who was known as the "The Prophet". The legend goes that the fiddler ended up selling his soul to the devil in exchange for his fiddling ability. His fiddling ability led to being able to fiddle any tune. He was well known through his time but remains to be nameless as the devil eventually took his name and soul. Once his time was up he went to the cemetery to play wait for the devil. The playing was so mournful and passionate that it ended up calling a ghost from his grave known as Tenskwatwa. The fiddler ended up disappearing in a flash of light leaving Tenskwatwa wandering around the cemetery. To this day Tenskwatwa remains lost and wandering the cemetery.

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