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Fiber & Frosting: Sugar Shack stationed at Old Oaks Ranch for Crawl weekends

Sugar Shack's trailer will be at Old Oaks Ranch both weekends of the Crawl.
Sugar Shack's trailer will be at Old Oaks Ranch both weekends of the Crawl.
Old Oaks Ranch/Sugar Shack

It will take a lot of energy to travel along the Hill Country Yarn Crawl, visiting eleven stores over the course of ten days located in the Austin-San Antonio area. Refueling along the way is going to be a necessary part of any Crawler's planned route. How they choose to refuel is up to them, but the sweetest way is always with a cupcake.

Several of Austin's local yarn stores are located near cupcake bakeries. Just a few examples:

For this year's Crawl, Old Oaks Ranch Fiber Arts Center has arranged for delicious baked goodness to be as convenient as possible. Sugar Shack Bakery's How Sweet It Is Cupcake Trailer will be stationed in the parking lot of the store during the open hours of Saturday and Sunday both weekends of the Crawl, which begins Friday. Those hours, for all stores, are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Serving up gelato, drinks, and soda floats along with cupcakes and cakeballs, all of their baked treats all come from their bakery located in Wimberley. The trailer can usually be found roaming various food trailer hotspots like The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery and Tanger Outlets Food Truck Plaza in San Marcos as well as local events. To find them after the Crawl, or to try them before, check their Facebook page.