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Fiat Chrysler looks to add more bang for less bucks with new powertrains

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Fiat Chrysler will replace its nearly 40 types of four-cylinder engine lineup with “a new family of engines that share technologies and common parts such as fuel injectors, combustion chambers and pistons that will allow the company to tailor them to individual markets more quickly and cheaply,” according to Bob Lee, Fiat Chrysler’s powertrain chief Bob Lee, who noted that Chrysler went through similar change when it eliminated seven of its V6 In 2010 in favor of the newer Pentastar V-6 engines.

“We are looking to use fuel-saving technologies that provide the best bang for the buck” and that consumers want to buy,” he continued.

The company also has plans to introduce a new plug-in minivan that will be available with either 8 or 9 speed automatic transmissions, as well as introduce more diesel fueled cars to North America by 2018.