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Fiat 500t Sport: Amazingly fun at 40-50!

The 2013 Fiat 500t Sport
The 2013 Fiat 500t Sport
Traveling In My World by Michael Andre Adams

At the age of 40-50 something, any ole car just wont do! By then, the decision as to which whip to drive is largely based on something that's fun, safe and stylish. And Fiat's 500 is definitely in the running.

Cute as ever, with Italy written all over it, the four passenger 500t Sport is the epitome of chic. At the base price of $19,500, this sport hatchback's cute little 1.4 liter engine harnessing 135 horses that produce ft-lbs. of torque handles like a champ on city streets. Even on the highway, the standard five-speed manual transmission, stability control and sport suspension works all together for a comfortable feel, with great agility.

Add to that a sporty set of 16" rims with red brake calipers, a rear spoiler and chrome tipped dual exhaust pipes and the only mandatory extra you may need is the additional $600 on-dash and removable TomTom for navigation--since BLUE&ME for handsfree talking on the phone and USB port for MP3 integration come standard.

Scoring a combined government fuel economy rating of 31 combined miles per gallon that breaks down to 28 in the city, 34 on the highway, the 500t delivers an estimated 293 miles on a tank of gas (using $3.91 per gallon for the recommended premium fuel). The estimated annual cost for driving 15,000 miles is about $1,900, which breaks down to about approximately $37 a tank.

One more thing: It actually seats four adults comfortably. Seriously! There's also ample space to store in the hatchback area and more with the rear seats folded. That's perfect for garage sale weekend warriors or the sports enthusiast who needs to throw his or her gear in and go!

Whether you're choosing to downsize in general or on weekends, or you just want to roll back the years and have some affordable fun, Fiat's 500t Sport is definitely worth looking into.

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