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FHA Mortgage 101: Where can I get an FHA mortgage in the Hartford area?


Official HUD Seal from
Ever wonder about FHA mortgages and how they work?  I read recently that HUD gave Connecticut over $40 million for special lending programs.  That may make you wonder about the programs available.
You can start with the official HUD/FHA web site.  There you can learn about the programs available to you as a home owner.
FHA loans were designed for the less than perfect borrower.  One who needs to put a little less down, or may have lower than average income.  I myself took advantage of an FHA program years ago when I bought my first home with only 3% down.
If you find a program that you think you'd qualify for and you'd like to pursue it, you should then find a local lender who can help you apply for the special program you have in mind.  There is a search feature on the site that will help you find a lender.  I looked quickly and found several local banks in the area that offer them such as Farmington Savings Bank, Windsor Federal, Sovereign Bank, Webster Bank, Rockville Bank and Liberty Bank.


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