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FGCU's Clayton Swartz sculpture, 'Skyward,' added to cultureNOW database

Skyward outside Sugden Hall at FGCU.
Skyward outside Sugden Hall at FGCU.
Tom Hall, 2013

Clayton Swartz sculpture, Skyward, is the latest Florida Gulf Coast University public artwork to be added to Skyward joins Robert Roesch's Transition 2012 and Albert Paley's Cross Currents on the online registry of public artworks which serves artists, administrators, public art professionals and collectors around the globe.

Pinellas Park sculptor Clayton Swartz took part in ArtFest Fort Myers this past weekend.
Tom Hall, 2014

Skyward is a contemporary brushed aluminum sculpture that employs bold geometric shapes and bright, saturated colors to achieve a feel of lightness and fun that complements Sugden Hall, which functions as a working laboratory for students enrolled in FGCU's top-rated Resort & Hospitality Management program.

"I describe it as a performance or dance with the material; a chance to change something raw into something beautiful,” says sculptor Clayton Swartz about the piece.

Like Sugden Hall itself, Skyward works in conjunction with the education students receive. “It has a very uplifting theme,” says Swartz , who adds that “looking into one of my sculptures will take you deep into a maze of parts, design, formal unities and holistic composition that will give you a sense of revelation into the sculpture’s design and meaning.”

Skyward is part of the Florida Art in Public Buildings program, an initiative started in 1979 pursuant to section 255.043 of the Florida Statutes, which earmarks one-half of one percent of the amount the legislature appropriates for the construction of state buildings for the acquisition of public artworks. FGCU has nearly 100 works in its public art collection, which not only enhances the education and learning environment of the student body, but serves as a drawing card in attracting top-quality teachers and students to the university.

CultureNOW is one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive online public art registries. Its "museum without walls" website contains more than 11,000 sites, 21,000 images and 1,050 podcasts recorded by artists, architects, historians and curators. Three of FGCU's and 46 of Fort Myers' public artworks have been entered on the site, together with artist profiles and more than 200 photographs. For more information about the site's museum without walls, please visit

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