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FFA sanction Victory and Wanderers

Western Sydeny Wanderers fans at the match in question
Western Sydeny Wanderers fans at the match in question
Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Football Federation Australia has responded to the despicable actions of some Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne Victory fans by issuing both sides with a sanction on Friday morning.

The two clubs were charged with bringing the game in to disrepute for the actions of their supporters on December 28th when the two clubs played each other.

The sanction is the deduction of three points for both clubs, but the FFA did advise that the sentence will be suspended until the end of the 2013-14 season should both teams supporters avoid misbehavior.

Both clubs have until the close of business on Tuesday to be able to show cause as to why the sanction should not be applied, but that would seem unlikely to succeed with the FFA clearly frustrated by more misbehavior from supporters of these two clubs.

Both Victory and Wanderers released statements after the events of the 28th defending their supporters, with the Wanderers statement particularly apologist for their supporters; and the FFA announced that they found both statements inappropriate. That pronouncement seems particularly ironic given FFA owns the Wanderers.

FFA CEO David Gallop pointed out that by making the punishment affect the on-field performance of the club it would cause real fans to stand up and stop their club from facing the sanction.

“The troublemakers are hurting the club they claim to support." said Gallop in a press release. "They need to understand that the consequences of their reckless conduct will be felt on the A-League competition table if trouble persists.”

“I have great sympathy for the overwhelming majority of fans who like me are sickened by the misconduct of a few, but it’s time to make the consequences clear to everyone.”

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