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FFA invokes air flight ban into Israel; Hamas firing rockets indiscriminately

Indiscriminate targeting of Israeli civilians is no issue with Hamas.
Indiscriminate targeting of Israeli civilians is no issue with Hamas.
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As air raid sirens whine over much of Israel, America’s FFA along with many foreign governments have banned air travel into Israel due to the indiscriminate bombardment of missiles being fired into Israel by Hamas. Thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel and their “Iron Dome” has intercepted many, but the number of rockets fired is too numerous for all to be destroyed.

Israel’s IDF (Israel Defense Force) has also stopped many Hamas infiltration attempts into Israel while suicide bombers dispatched to blow up Israeli targets either military or civilian are being sent. The charter of Hamas calls for the destruction and elimination of the State of Israel and this is the organization that is in control of the Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared recently that Israel is deploying missiles to intercept Hamas rockets intended to kill Jewish citizens while Hamas cares little about Israeli civilian casualties.

Israel has made unprecedented efforts to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza to the point where Israel even warning Palestinians to vacate the premises before it was attacked. Hamas is known to use civilians as human shields to protect their weapons or military locations. IDF soldiers have been killed due to care being given to keep civilians out of harm’s way.

Hamas, an acronym for Harakat al-Mugawamah al-Islamiyah (Islamic resistance movement) and overall leader Khaled Meshaal is based safely in Qatar far away from the turmoil in Gaza. Qatar is one of the largest Gulf Oil states for natural gas and oil reserves. Don’t be too surprised if Israel starts collecting payment from Qatar as a consequence for shielding Hamas.

The United Nations continues to demonstrate their lack of common sense as much of the infrastructure that Hamas used in housing weapons or building tunnels were supplied by funds being sent to the Palestinian Authority and is being used by Hamas. America in a mind-numbing display of buffoonery is continuing to send money to the PA which is controlled by Hamas.

Hamas was storing rockets in a couple of UNRWA schools in Gaza, but the UN personnel had the brilliance to return the rockets to Hamas. You can bet the credibility level of the United Nations has just gone to ZERO concerning Israel.

In spite of all of this institutionalized hypocrisy, Israel is still the focus of the UN regarding bringing up humanitarian concerns about the Palestinian issue. Syria has killed thousands of Palestinians however it is a world issue that Israel should be reprimanded for what it is doing. There is Christian genocide taking place in several areas of the Middle East and Africa, but it is Israel that needs to be watched.

This is the backdrop that Israel is expected to be confident; to make peace with an organization sworn to your destruction, listen to the UN that at best is a water carrier for a more radical Islamic agenda of member nations, and listen to United States’ Secretary of State John Kerry heard mocking Israel’s security needs for its country. Kerry already has a spotted record concerning Israel and his recent verbal faux pas substantiates Israel not trusting Kerry any farther than they can throw him.

It is no wonder Israel feels alone….exactly as predicted in the Bible.

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