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Few types of yachts

Few types of yachts
Few types of yachtsLee Photographer

Yachts are increasingly being used for recreation, sport, corporate meets, parties or general sailing. To sustain the various needs, yachts have been customized and made to suit the various requirements for which they are used. A number of yachts are now available in the market, to cater to all the requirements of the people who might want it for recreation, official meeting, party or adventure. Some types of yachts have been discussed below.

Sailing yachts

These are the yachts that are available normally and used for sailing in wind. They have a bow which is tall as it controls the speed of the yacht and the length varies from 6 meters to upto 30 meters, or longer. They have a small cabin to control the speed and direction while the on-board space is small and not of much use.

Cruising yachts

They are the most common types of yachts to hire privately. This is because they are bigger and have more on-board space as compared to the smaller ones. They have a cabin for shelter and also for controlling the yacht. The comfort factor, reaction to the wind and other on -board features is much better in this yacht and they can glide smoothly over water in good weather. These also come in a number f sizes, depending on the number of people and their requirements. These are generally used for trips and adventure journeys over not so long distances.

Luxury sailing yachts

These are the masterpieces in the yacht industry. They are laden with all the amenities necessary for a lavish on-board lifestyle like spacious cabin, chefs for making food, bedrooms and exquisite interiors. They are also replete with activity gears and swimsuits for swimming and have large amount of free space. Also, the latest technologies in terms of GPS systems, tracking devices and efficient control systems are installed in such yachts and hence these yachts to hire cost more. They are rented at quite high prices due to the luxuries that they offer. The rich and powerful people take these yachts out for a round when they want nice holidays or corporate outings. Such yachts stand out as a symbol of wealth and power.

Racing yachts

These are sleek and slender yachts which have very less on board space and aerodynamically efficient design. They are used for fast propulsion and swift movement during races and competitions. They are streamlined and built according to the requirement and standards of the race or the racer, as the case may be. The hull is long and strong as more the wind entering it, better would be the speed and higher would be the acceleration.
Motor yachts
These are yachts which are dependent on motors to run them, as compared to air in normal yachts. Nowadays, most yachts, except those used for racing, are motor based. The luxury yachts, sailing yachts and cruising yachts, all fall in this category.
A number of other yacht types are also available in the market, but these are the basic types. Other types are just improvements of these.