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Few Things That Can Help You Get More YouTube Likes

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Why are these likes so important?

One of the ways to measure the quality of the video you have uploaded on YouTube is to see the number of likes you get. Of course, YouTube views also play big role but liking a YouTube video suggests that people are ready to take their time and show their appreciation for the video you’ve uploaded. In the past YouTube has usually ranked the videos based on the number of views but today this process is a little bit more complex and the likes that certain video gets certainly count. The higher the number of likes the better position of your video. This means that when someone enters the keyword related to your video that has hundreds of likes he will probably see your video among the first results of his search. There are several things that can help you get these likes.

How to get more likes?

First and foremost, if you want to get YouTube likes in the easiest way you should focus on the quality of your videos. The quality of the video is not only measured by its content but also by the way the video looks. YouTube recommends certain formats and sizes for the videos so try to follow this advice. Since high definition videos are not that difficult to create today try to use this technology for this video. These videos are visually appealing and people easily click the like button when they watch them. You should also take care of the length of the video. Keep in mind that according to the latest studies youtube videos whose lengths are between 30 seconds and 120 seconds are the videos with most likes.

Another important thing that can increase the likes on your video is the title. Never use misleading titles because you risk getting dislikes. The title should be viewed as a short description of the video and it should have an attractive title.

In case you have not noticed, people usually read the descriptions on YouTube videos. The description should include keywords and a simple explanation/description of the video. If you keep a conversational tone in the video description people will more easily click the like button.

Although we are focused on the likes, don’t forget the power of YouTube comments. You should take time and respond to all comments that are directed to you. In this way you will certainly get likes on your comments and you will increase the chance to get likes on the video too.

If you believe that your video is good and you are not getting any results after several days you can always consider buying likes. There are many reliable like sellers that can help you out. Choose the number of likes that you want wisely because YouTube can ban your video. Use them only as a temporary booster for your new video.

There is no doubt that likes play vital role on the ranking of your video. That’s why if you want to have a popular video and a popular YouTube channel take your time and work on the tips we have mentioned in this article.