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Few Los Angeles Sports Radio Shows about NBA Playoffs

Blake Griffin against Warriors
Blake Griffin against Warriors
Photo by Stephen Dunn

I don’t know if I am the only one who notices, but I am noticing a lack of sports radio commentary about the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors NBA Playoff games. I am sure if the Los Angeles Lakers were in the playoffs, there would be a lot more hype surrounding the playoff series.

These days I am doing a lot of driving and getting home late. So I have missed a lot of the NBA Playoffs. As a result, I have been scouring the radio looking for some good news commentary and fan conversations about the playoffs in general, but especially the Clippers vs Warriors series. Of course, the Hockey playoffs are going on, Major League Baseball 2014 season has begun and the NFL Draft is approaching. Maybe these Los Angeles radio sports casters feel it is important to talk about a mix bag of sports rather than focus on the NBA.

Hockey, baseball and football fans deserve to hear as much radio shows about their favorite sport as NBA fans, but I guess I wrongly assumed the radio announcers would be more focused on the playoffs than they appear to be. Both the Clippers and the Warriors are exciting teams. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their series go 7 games. Stephen Curry is an amazing shooter and ball handler, Chris Paul is an excellent leader and Blake Griffin is showing he is not only an awesome dunker but can pass and shoot mid-range jumpers, as well. Other interesting Clipper players such as DeAndre Jordan, Matt Barnes, and potential Sixth Man of the Year, Jamal Crawford and their deep bench give them a good chance of advancing to the Western Conference Finals. If any coach could help the Clippers go all the way, it would be Doc Rivers.

However, Coach Mark Jackson is an excellent motivator and his team is a very confident and fearless bunch of young players, including Klay Thompson who can shoot three pointers better than any other team in the league. Also, you cannot ignore the skills of Andre Iquodala, David Love, Harrison Barnes and veteran center, Jermaine O’Neal. The fans in Northern California will be loud as ever rooting for their team. So, don’t expect for the Clippers to blow the Warriors out again like they did in Game 2. At this point, it is too hard to predict which team will win the series. But it will be fun to watch these two teams relentlessly compete against each other.

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