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Festival or Benefit Season

Shots of Brutal Season
Shots of Brutal Season

Meridian music is turning it up for a cause. One charity or another. This Festival season is turning into a season of giving for our local Metalheds. There was a benefit the other night at the Shredder for Lori. Suffering from cancer and the mother of a local metal band front man. The Local Metal community is donating, auctioning, and playing music to support our community. Another event starting tonight, the first annual Support the Veterans at Shorty's tonight and Saturday. Lots of local bands supporting our returning Veterans. Some of these bands are made up of veterans.

The Shredder was host to the Benefit for Lori Stanley. This was an incredible outpouring of generosity by lots of locals bands and businesses. Donated items included two giant quilts made of Local Metal band t-shirts. Also pro gig gear, motorcycle repair and oils changes. Stickers, posters, art, toys etc... Two guitars were also donated. Wow for a small venue like the Shredder it was amazing to see the generosity of people who enjoy brutal music.

Brutal music is what we came for. Starting it all off that night was "Rise of the Fallen". To a sparse and busy crowd they brought the attention to the stage with their power metal sound. Next up, "Trigger Itch". Wow they took over and got everyone going into Brutal mode. Prepping the crowd for "Brutal Season" The new and adjusted band now has members Stymie, JP, Raider,Tim and Brian. This exciting new line up takes the stage like the seasoned pros they are. Bringing the brutallity to their new sound of street metal. Finally up is "Ripchain" bringing their brand of hairy speedmetal the the open eager ears of the Shredder. Overall a sweet and brutal event.

Tonight is a new venue and a varied assortment musical styles. The Vets deserve the same kinda love us metalheds gave Cancer. And tear up the stage and the dance floor. Get out and support this weekend. Easy enough to thank a Vet at this Show. Get to Shorty's NOW! See you there!

Check out the pics of the bands and share them. Check out the bands and the music on their social media outlets.