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Festival of Pelagia

Festival of Pelagia

Think about this a moment. Sometimes, even often, actors actually make movies. Heck the late great John Wayne made a whole bunch of movies after “Wagon Train” moved him from relative obscurity to super star status. Of course John Wayne was just huge in every way. But these days a lot of feature films and television shows begin their lives as “shorts.” Shorts are films under 45 minutes in length. They are created for many reasons but one of the driving forces behind short films is to show case a film concept and hopefully get it into a position to grow it into a feature film. Some of the best achieve that goal and right now you can go and watch some of the best of the best not at all surprisingly right here in Southern California at the “Festival of Pelagia.”

The “Festival of Pelagia” presents quality short films produced by actors. This year it is being held at the Crest Theater, 1262 S. Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024 on April 25th 2014. If you like movies I am pretty sure you will love this short film festival with a huge heart. There are two online ways to get all of the information about the Festival of Pelagia. Either at: or at their facebook page: Just hurry because the event is just a few days away.

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