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Festival of Lights at Griffith Park, FREE event



Taking place annually, Griffith Park’s DWP Festival of Lights sponsored by the LA Department of Water and Power offers a free and fun event to add to your holiday festivities. The Festival of Lights showcase over 500,000 beautifully and strategically displayed lights. You will enjoy whimsical animated scenes, illuminated replicas of LA landmarks, twinkling lights to capture the child within along with melodies of seasonal songs filling the air.
This event officially opens on December 4, 2009 and runs to December 30th from 5pm-10pm. Keep in mind festival of lights are vehicle free up until the 18th so dress warm and wear comfortable walking shoes as you will be experiencing this wonderland up close. Starting December 18th the festival will allow vehicles to drive through as there will also be shuttle service available. There will be a debut on December 3rd that is reserved specifically for bicyclist to experience. Horse enthusiasts are encouraged to join pedestrians December 9-30th on select days of the week and times, so please check calendar on or call (213)367-1255.

Location: 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Directions for driving through Light Festival: Exit the Golden State Freeway 5 at Los Feliz. Go west on Los Feliz and turn right onto Crystal Springs Drive and proceed to the entrance of the Light Festival. (Keep in mind weekends during peak hours will be busier)

Directions for experiencing the Light Festival on foot: Park at the South end of the L.A. Zoo parking lot (follow signs for the LA Zoo off the 5 Freeway). Closer to the holidays, shuttles are provided from the parking lot.