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Festival fashion: The biggest trends for Coachella and Stagecoach

It's Spring time, the flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer -- somewhat -- and the air is filled with -- music. You, as an avid music listener, must be dressed for the occassion.

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Music Festivals

Spring music festivals are so popular these days that tickets for shows like Coachella and Stagecoach get sold out within days of tickets being released. In fact, Coachella was so popular in past years that this year, it's a two weekend thing. As for Stagecoach, country music is getting more and more airtime and non-hillbilly listeners that this year's festival went from a two-day show to three full days.

With thousands of people at these types of festivals, you want to stand out, but for good reasons.

Ladies, don't try to be cute and wear heels -- even wedges can be painful. Remember, these festivals don't normally have seating so you're either standing the whole time, or sitting on blankets in the grass. Which brings me to my second point. Ladies, leave the mini skirt at home -- unless, of course, you don't mind flashing thousands of people and ending up on YouTube.

Shorts are the perfect alternative to keep your legs cool and even show them off. You can get bright linen shorts, or even denim ones for these festivities. A big trend right now is acid wash, high waisted shorts -- yep, the 80s are officially back.

If you absolutely must go with a skirt, another big trend is mini skirts with a sheer fabric over it. Maxi dresses and skirts are also great for these types of occassions -- you'll feel cool and comfortable throughout the night. You can find these types of skirts and dresses at Forever 21 in the Glendale Galleria or Americana on Brand.

If you've worked out all winter and want to show off those hot abs, go with a crop-top. Loose fitted is great for a festival like Coachella. You may even want to break out your vintage rock T-shirts, cut them up and use that as a top. Paired with acid-wash shorts would make for a killer, yet casual, look. As for Stagecoach, you can do the same, or go with a tied up flannel short-sleeve top. That is the ultimate country-girl look. Paired with some daisy-dukes and you'll be calling all them country boys to your farm. Remember to keep it bright, fun and light-weight.

When it comes to shoes, Coachella-goers can get away with flats and mostly sandals. Forever 21 has a whole sandals section dedicated to music festivals. However, for Stagecoach fanatics, go with a pair of cowboy boots. Most people will be wearing boots and you don't want to get stepped on amongst the crowd -- ouch.

As far as hand bags go, take something small and something you can have on you the whole time -- like a cross-over strap. You don't want to lose your purse, but most importantly, leave your valuables at home.

Use these tips, drink tons of water and you'll have yourself a festive weekend -- or two.


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