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Festival du Nouveau Cinema in full swing


Over the weekend people have been flocking to the New Cinema Festival in Montreal. While being a lesser known festival, it still garners a fair amount of respect and credibility, showing us the best new media has to offer. Going strong until the 24th, it is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, this week is proving to be a very tasking endeavor for cinephiles wanting to catch a glimpse of a little bit of everything. Sadly taking place in various venues in the city, it is hard to take in most of the festival at a time, so it is therefore important to choose your films wisely.

As recommendations for the upcoming few days, gaining a lot of attention is Le Vagabond, a touching and yet striking little drama from Israel, about a young Orthodox student who suddenly learns of his infertility. Closer to home, this Tuesday you should also catch La Fille de Montreal, a story about a young Montrealer that most of us know too well. She came to our city to study, ends up staying at the student apartment for good, until one day her landlord decides to evict her. This love letter to Montreal and to life in the Plateau will easily strike a chord with many of us.

A bizarre venture for Tuesday afternoon, Hideo Nakata's new feature is not what most people would expect. The director, famous for Japanese cult favorites like the Ring movies and Death Note, is a little out of his element. His first wholly original English language film (that is, not being a remake of his own work), and not a horror film as most people might think. Starring up-and-coming young superstar Aaron Johnson, of Kick Ass fame, as part of a group of kids who literally live inside a chatroom, and plot against a fellow chat member. Visually interesting and Brit-cool in the vain of the "Skins" TV series, this should surely get the attention of the dissaffectionate youth of today. And of course the movie is called Chatroom. Go figure.

And I have some good news: Gregg Araki is back, after 6 years, (and a movie that could have been directed by anybody), in full homo-youth-nihilistic form, with Kaboom! All these and more at your friendly neighborhood film festival. Stay tuned for more and don't forget to subscribe and re-post.