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Fertility programs extend a helping hand to Haiti

Fertility related programs participated in the massive relief effort for Haiti
Fertility related programs participated in the massive relief effort for Haiti
AP Photo byy Ramon Espinosa

Many people are aware of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010.  The latest estimates by Haitian government offices are that as many as 300,000 people may have perished in this catastrophic event. Jennifer Redmond, Editor-in-Chief at, writes about the charitable contributions that were made possible by organizations that offer fertility related services.

The Haitian people are still struggling with basic  human needs like shelter, food, medical assistance, and sanitation.  Aid and support has been continuing to come from people, governments, and programs from around the world.  Ms. Redmond reports that the "cost of rebuilding Haiti is estimated to be upwards of $8 billion , with some estimates as high as $13.9 billion."

Her article, "Fertility-Related Businesses help Haiti," highlights some of the fertility related organizations who are participating in this enormous response to this tragedy.

 According to Ms. Redmond, The Fertility Centers of Illinois, a Chicagoland fertility clinic,  began " 'Operation Dignity' to gather tampons, sanitary napkins, and diapers.  Donations are being accepted at all FCI offices."  FCI focused on these products because  they are desperately needed and often are not considered in relief donation efforts.

She also mentions "Village Fertility Pharmacy" as a donor.  "From now till the end of February they will donate $.10 to Doctors Without Borders for every gonadotropin (75 IU equivalency) they dispense.

Ms. Redmond's parent organization, launched their own donation campaign with  donations from staff and company matching funds coupled with donations from The Daily Shot e-newsletter.  The money raised  was given to The Red Cross.   Shady Grove Fertility is a fertility clinic located in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.  They also participated in the fundraising efforts.  Their staff raised money and the clinic matched their efforts.

To read more about these relief efforts you can find Ms. Redmond's article, "Fertility-related Businesses help Haiti," at


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