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Fertility clinic worker swaps sperm: Victim of sperm swap warns other couples

Fertility clinic worker fathered 1 child, maybe more, as he swapped his sperm .
Fertility clinic worker fathered 1 child, maybe more, as he swapped his sperm .

A fertility clinic worker had some disturbing habits back in the early 1990s and it has taken over two decades for this clinic worker’s dirty dealings to be exposed. According to Fox News live on Friday, Jan. 17, Pam Branum, a woman who used the clinic to get pregnant with her now 22-year-old daughter, has a warning for other parents today that used this Utah fertility clinic decades ago.

She warns that they may be in the same boat as her family. Branum’s husband’s sperm was swapped with the fertility clinic worker’s sperm and her daughter is the biological daughter of this now deceased worker. According to KDVR News today, Tom Lippert, the now deceased clinic worker, once said something to Branum that didn't sound quite right back then, but today it makes sense.

Tom Lippert, was one of the first fertility clinic workers you would see when you walked into the former Reproductive Medical Technologies business. He sat at a desk with dozens of baby pictures behind him. She recalls how he seemed rather proud of those pictures, but today she’s sickened by the thought that there is a chance that those babies might have been fathered by him, much like her child. He once told her that those were all babies that he helped couples have. It never crossed her mind back then that he might have meant by biologically contributing.

Utah fertility clinic sperm switch: 17 calls after clinic worker fathers 1

Pam Branum appeared on Fox News Friday and she brought along a picture of the now deceased man who was the fertility clinic worker who used his own sperm to father her daughter. She also brought along a picture of her daughter at a young age. The resemblance is uncanny, the daughter looks just like the man she now knows was her biological father.

There’s no question that this man fathered Annie Branum because a DNA test from his mother proved beyond a doubt that Lippert was the biological father of Annie. Pam said she always thought that it was strange how she didn’t see any family resemblance between her daughter and her husband. It was when the family did a DNA test for a geology product that she understood why. The DNA test proved that Annie was not Branum’s husband's child. Lippert switched Branum’s husband sperm with his own.

Pam Branum remembers Lippert well because he was the person that greeted them when walking into to the clinic. She commented on the wall of baby pictures behind him at his desk, saying that there were dozens up there. Pam said:

“He smiled and looked at those and said those are all the babies that I’ve helped couples have.”

Lippert worked at the clinic in the early 90s and at the same time he was a college professor. He died in 1999, so he will never be able to answer for this horrendous deed.

Lippert had a dark past as he spent two years in jail for the 1975 crime of keeping a college co-ed captive. He put her in a black box and did electro-shock therapy on her. Apparently the clinic didn't screen their prospective employees very well because he was a felon.

The Clinic closed down in 1992 and the University of Utah, which was affiliated to some degree with the clinic at the time, set up a hot-line for couples who used the clinic in the early 90s when Lippert worked there. If anyone had concerns that their sperm may have been tampered with they are directed to call the hotline set up by the University. The clinic has fielded 17 calls already on this hotline.

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