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Fertility app and edible toothbrush in our future

The future is filled with patient centered healthcare. And the future is closer than you think. Thinking about pregnancy, not sure you want to get pregnant, suffering from endometriosis or PCOS, this brilliant app might make you fall in love with your own operating system.

Yum, brush and eat

A Fertility app.

We've all said it she’s got that pregnancy glow. Fittingly named, the Glow app, this Fertility app can help women who may want to have a child in the near future or a few years from now. The idea is to give women a better understanding of potential challenges to getting pregnant in the future and to help identify potential problems with their reproductive health. A data analysis component, Glow Genius, relies on information users’ log each day to track their health. It formed a partnership with MyFitnessPal to integrate user data on things like body mass index, nutrition and fitness data and analyze that with other user data. It adds to that insights gleaned from medical journals and medical advisers to better assess when a woman has the best chance of getting pregnant.

Women having a harder time conceiving can use this app because its tools help them track their menstrual cycle and risk of getting pregnant. It also helps flag potential problems women may have such as endometriosis and PCOS.

The company added a community forum at the end of last year for women to share news about their pregnancy, share insights and ask questions. The company, which is part of HVF Labs, claims that more than 1,000 women have become pregnant using the app.

No water, no time, or loss of mobility to brush your teeth, not a problem.
When Tim Trader was in a horrific motorcycle accident brushing his teeth was a chore. Tim felt powerless asking for help with a task that is taken for granted. John Gallagher observed that some 40 years ago while serving as an Army medic during the Vietnam War. It wasn't easy for him as a traveler to find a sink and supplies to brush his teeth, much less for the patients he was working with who had lost arms to brush their own, he sketched up an alternative toothbrush that required no water, toothbrush or toothpaste.

Gallagher’s invention the Clean Bite™ is a dissolvable mouthpiece that’s made of gelatin, the sugar alcohol xylitol, and a dentifrice (another word for an agent that cleans and polishes the teeth) called The Answer. A user puts it in their mouth, chews it for 60 to 90 seconds – at which point it begins to dissolve – and then either swallows it or throws it away. Each mouthpiece has about 800 bristles that help distribute the dentifrice, which is stored in four reservoirs that rupture when a person bites down on them. If the idea of swallowing the dissolved material sounds a little strange, Gallagher said not to be alarmed: “It’s a certified food product; there’s nothing in it that’s not found in other food-related products.” What an innovative necessary product. My only hope is there won't be many calories since we'll be swallowing it.

And Gallagher's sees more potential.The Clean Bite™ when consumed maybe employed as a delivery system for vitamins, nutrients, medications, and possibly microencapsulated vaccines in developing countries. This water soluble and biodegradable comes in different flavors and sizes for both adults and children.

Lois Trader, your National Heart Health Editor believes we must be our own advocates. Our health is our responsibility. Apps and innovative devices can help all of us take better care of ourselves now, and help to plan a healthy future.

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