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Fertile Action will honor Alecia “P!NK” Moore with Visionary Award

Fertile Action Founder
Fertile Action Founder
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On June 7th Alice Crisci, the founder of Fertile Action will honor Alecia "P!nk" Moore with a Visionary Award for her commitment to women's health issues. Alice founded Fertile Action after being diagnosed with cancer at 31 and within days she realized her lifesaving chemo treatment would leave her infertile and she might never become a mother.

Fertile Action was created to help women with cancer become mothers after treatment, without having the burden of the expense she had to endure. With the support of celebs like P!nk, Kate Beckinsale, Brooke Burke and Christina Applegate Crisci has been able to spread the word about this amazing cause. Continue reading below to learn more about how Alice is helping women everyday achieve their dreams of becoming a mother.

How can women improve their fertility health? Are there certain foods or lifestyle practices you can suggest ?

"Age is the number one risk factor for infertility. Most women don't know their fertility status while they are aging. Most of us spend years preventing pregnancy and not giving a second thought to whether or not we are fertile. I strongly advise women check their anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) because its the best indicator we have for assessing their egg supply. If women know their fertility status they can use the information to plan their futures accordingly or complete fertility preservation to freeze their eggs.

In what ways did you maintain a healthy mind while undergoing treatment?

The vision of my future as a mom pulled me through the darkest times of my life while going through cancer treatment. I envisioned my child's laugh and his dark hair and sweet smile. 6 years later my dream came true. That's why we advocate women preserve their fertility when diagnosed with cancer if they have a vision to become moms.

How have other women that are both diagnosed and in remission responded to Fertile Action?

It's astonishing how many women didn't learn their fertility was at risk prior to going through cancer treatment. We have many women seeking financial aid to help them with IVF, egg donation and surrogacy after they survive cancer. Many of them come to us in time for the fertility preservation program and are so incredibly grateful. Many survivors say "I wish I knew about you sooner."

What should other women know when selecting a course of treatment for cancer if they still hope to become mothers?

What's really sad and the reason I am advocating for insurance coverage across the country is seeing women choose a less effective course of cancer treatment when they can't afford fertility preservation. It's their way to protect fertility and almost always ends in worse outcomes. Women should seek a consultation with a fertility specialist as soon as they are diagnosed with cancer to asses their options prior to treatment. They should contact us as soon as possible as well so we can help them access physicians who can freeze eggs, embryos or ovarian tissue.

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