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South Korea ferry vice principal found hanging from a tree: One of first rescued

A South Korea ferry survivor was found dead hanging from a tree, which is the latest tragedy coming from this disaster. The man is the vice principal who was with the 325 school kids heading for a field trip on the ill-fated ferry. The South Korea ferry capsized three days ago and there are still 270 passengers missing. Most of the missing are the school kids who were on the class trip chaperoned by the vice principal.

South Korea ferry is now completely submerged: Survivor found hanging from tree.
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

According to NBC News on April 18, the vice principal was found hanging from a tree on the island of Jindo, where the passengers who were rescued were taken. The man was identified as Kang Min Kyu, the 52-year-old Vice Principal of the Asan Danwon High School. The police officer who spoke to the media did not want his name released due to the police department rules.

The vice principal apparently hanged himself from a tree using a belt. He did this where the distraught relatives of the missing school kids were staying on the island. Kang was one of the first passengers to be rescued off the sinking ship. A woman at Danwon High School, which is the school the students in the ferry tragedy attended, said to NBC News:

"The deputy head of this school saved himself on the ship but not his students. No-one from this school is going to the hospital or the rescue area. Why not? Why aren't you doing anything?"

The vice principal's death is an "apparent suicide" with no official cause of death released as of yet. Was being among the families of the missing children, who are is the depths of despair, too much for this man? The guilt feelings most have weighed heavily on this man, who the parents trusted to care for their children.

Reports emerged today of another man, who was a stranger to the kids, helping a large group of the students out of the sinking boat. He took a firehouse and made a line for the kids to grab onto and climb out of the tilted ship to safety. His name is not known, but he is credited with saving the lives of several kids.

CNN News reports Friday morning that divers managed the cold water and rapid ocean current to breach the hull of the sunken ferry. This search ended abruptly when the rough waters forced them out of the capsized vessel. They didn’t find any bodies in this brief search. As of Friday morning, the vessel became completely submerged under the sea water. Up until that point a piece of the hull protruded above the water’s surface.

There is still a glimmer of hope that some of the passengers are alive after possibly finding a compartment with an air pocket. In case there are survivors trapped in the sunken vessel, divers have attached air hoses to the ship and they are pumping oxygen inside. The official death toll is at 29 Friday. The video above shows what it was like inside the vessel when the ship tilted. It was taken by one of the passengers on their cell phone.

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