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Ferry texts faked: Some texts said to be from victims weren't real

Rescue workers at sunken ferry
Rescue workers at sunken ferry
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Hundreds of text messages came out that were said to be sent by students on the sinking ferry in South Korea as it was going down. Now on Friday USA Today is sharing that a lot of these are fake texts that were simply made up. These texts were telling loved ones their feelings and also asking for help but now news is out they were not all real.

The records of all of the passengers have been checked and no text messages were sent out from them while the ferry was underwater. These were not real at all and it is heartbreaking that someone would think this was a funny joke to play. They did find that one fake message was sent from a phone that belongs to a 5th grader.

They were able to tell if texts were sent while the ferry was still above water and everything was fine or if they were sent after it started to sink. These texts that have been floating around are all fake ones made up. There are a few texts that were sent out before the ferry went underwater that are believed to be true. One text said, "Dad, don't worry. I've got a life vest on and we're huddled together." This one is believed to be real.

At this time, it is unknown why someone would make up these fake texts. At least news came out that they were fake before they were on the Internet for long. NY Daily News shared that the ship captain Lee Joon Seok is in trouble with the law and is being charged with five violations. These charges include negligence, causing bodily injury and not seeking rescue from other ships.

Seok was actually one of the first people to flee the ship and get away. Normally the Captain will go down with the ship but that was not the case at all in this sinking ferry.