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Ferry from Korea to Japan

A favorite vacation spot of South Korean English teachers is Japan because of its close proximity. Hydrofoil boats like the Beetle travel at very high rates of speed to get you to your destination very quickly. Camellia Lines is a more affordable, overnight option where you can choose which cabin you would like to spend the night in.

The most cost effective cabin which is a shared room may be around 170-190,000 Korean Won though the prices do fluctuate. If you travel off season, you may have an entire shared room to yourself! The next class cabin costs around 230,000 Won and offers bunk beds and privacy. It is cozy and clean. The costs increase further for other cabins.

On Camellia Lines is a restaurant called Jupiter. They sell yakisoba noodles, pizza, chicken and French fries and ice cream to name a few things. There is also a vending machine on board that sells similar treats and believe it or not they are very tasty as well. The prices are cheaper at the restaurant however so it is best to purchase your food there. Jupiter can be difficult to find because the part that is most visible often looks closed, but ask for the location and hours at the information desk.

If you see any sweet treats that you like in the vending machine, buy them quickly because they sell out fast. The boat ride may start out with a few words of English but upon arrival there are no announcements made in English, only Japanese and Korean, so if you have questions you should ask someone.

Recreational activities on board include karaoke, video arcade and lounge areas where you can socialize with friends.

One great aspect for Americans is that charging your laptop or cell phone will be convenient as the ship has North American outlets. That is because in Japan the outlets are the same as in the USA for example and can even accommodate a three pronged plug. Even though everything looked neat and clean, you may feel even more comfortable by bringing some familiar bedding items with you. For more information visit: website

In addition, you can find boats to Jeju Island, China, and Russia though some of these routes are seasonal.


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