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A day - a week - or a lifetime - It's never enough at Ferry Beach in Saco Maine

Ferry Beach in Saco is synonymous with fun, family, learning and exploring. Plan ahead, as there is limited free parking, and no lifeguard monitoring. Families park where they can and trek to the beach, or pour from cottage front porches, leaving their screen doors banging,, as the weekend days stretch into summer. Sand infiltrates shoes, beach bags, sandals, bathing suits, houses and cars, ever the reminder that you have arrived! Whether you are looking for a day of relaxation, family time, or reflection, Ferry Beach is all and individually each of those, at the same time. Ferry is one in a 7+ mile stretch of beaches that flows northward to Scarborough's Pine Point.

Learning from the nature and eachother.  Nature's bounty.
Jane Beecher Russo
Standing on Camp Ellis Beach and looking North across Goosefare Brook
Jane Beecher Russo

Ferry Beach itself has been on the minds and in the hearts of families since the area was settled in the 1600's. Back then, the beach at high tide extended several hundred feet further than it does today. Don't worry, there is still plenty of room for sunbathing, strolling in the surf, ball playing and kite flying, it's just shrunk over the years due to erosion.

Ferry Beach Park Association, an organization comprised of stewards of the dunes, wildlife, and shore erosion, is very active in managing the shoreline and keeping the rest of us up to date on events, activities, and the status of nature's progress and regression. Members who share in the not for profit organization by helping financially or volunteering their time and strengths, are able to come to a retreat or conference without charge. The Retreat and Conference Center enfolds a beach vacation into a stay that will positively influence your spirit, but beach time is just one facet of the growth you will experience on a stay at the Center. Both camping and lodging are available for individuals and groups.

Ferry Beach Ecology School provides children and adults with instruction, excursions, and plenty of sun, wind and surf. On site learning is provided through day trips, week long overnight sessions, or there are programs that can be tailored to the classroom for teachers to expose their students to the ecosystems within walking distance of the ecology school. Much can be learned by breaking down a fun day at the beach into focused learning. Not only is this a sandy beach with some sand dunes, there are the protected species who live there, tide pools, salt marshes, and much more.

Every facet of Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine has a lesson to tech us all. When will you join us at the beach?

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