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Ferris State, Minnesota State keep WCHA on the hockey map

Give Ferris State and Minnesota State plenty of credit: they've both given the Western Collegiate Hockey Association a lot of credibility this season.
With the Central Collegiate Hockey Association folding, the Big Ten Hockey Conference forming and other schools fleeing to the new National Collegiate Hockey Conference, there was major concern among the smaller schools how the newly revamped WCHA could compete.
But it would be nice if both the Bulldogs and Minnesota State can do well in the upcoming NCAA tournament. That, more than anything, would give the WCHA a major boost.
But the WCHA Final Five in Grand Rapids, with a fair showing of fans, showed how much excitement and drama WCHA teams can still provide. The Bulldogs did Van Andel and Grand Rapids a major favor by qualifying for the tournament. It might have lacked some of the atmosphere we saw in the CCHA at Joe Louis Arena.
But it still filled the void of not having the CCHA at The Joe any longer and gave Fox SportsDetroit a decent college hockey telecast for Saturday.
Maybe Western Michigan will wise up and join the WCHA like it should have in the first place. Just imagine the crowd at VanAndel this weekend if Western and Ferris had been playing in the finals.
But Minnesota State still gives the WCHA an attractive one-two punch in the NCAA tournament, along with Ferris State. Here's looking forward to having the WCHA back at VanAndel in 2016.

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