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Ferrari: Sparkling wines that celebrate the metodo classico

For most wine lovers, the choices usually come down to red or white depending on one’s preference of grape. But with the push to distribute Ferrari Wines in the United States on the horizon, it might be time to expand the options to include sparkling wines. Recently, Ferrari Wines took part in FuoriSalone 2014, an evening organized by I Love Italian Food, non-profit culinary organization celebrating all things Italian.

Ferrari Brut NV
Sparkling wines that celebrate the metodo classico
Katherine Reider

Found in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari, Ferrari Wine grapes were planted in northern Italy’s Trentino region where the latitude is lower but the vineyards are located at a higher elevation, offering ideal climate conditions for producing this exceptional line of sparkling wines. Ferrari wines are defined by their adherence to the metodo classico—the traditional method for producing champagne in France—by which the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation while inside the bottle in accordance with regulations implemented by Trento DOC. While comparable to champagne in terms of the production technique, Ferrari sparkling wines preserves its Italian identity through its craftsmanship and reputation.

FuoriSalone 2014 offered Ferrari the perfect setting to showcase three of its renown sparkling wines: Ferrari Brut, Ferrari Perlé and Ferrari Rosé:

Ferrari Brut NV: This selection is produced exclusively from chardonnay grapes picked from various communes in the province of L’Adige, Val di Cembra and Valle dei Laghi. Ferrari Brut possesses a golden yellow color with traces of pale green, and it offers an intense aromatic combination of wild flowers and ripe golden delicious apples to complement a well-balanced fruity flavor with a hint of crusted bread. Maturation occurs over several years.

Ferrari Perlé: This wine also is produced from chardonnay grapes that are harvested by hand in mid-September. Each glass of Ferrari Perlé possesses a straw yellow color with pale golden highlights. With aromatic hints of rennet apples, almond blossom, and a trace of spices, this selection offers a dry yet crisp flavor with hints of ripe apples and sweet almonds. Maturation is about five years.

Ferrari Rosé NV: This selection is produced using pinot noir (60%) and chardonnay (40%) grapes harvested by hand from the hillside vineyards around Trento. Ferrari Rosé reveals a subtle fragrance of hawthorn blossoms with hints red currants and fraises de bois. The taste is dry yet refined with a delicate almond undertone and aromatic musk. Maturation is over several years.

Ferrari Wines also features Guilio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore produced from chardonnay grapes carefully selected at the end of September from the Maso Pianizza Vineyard. This selection possesses a straw yellow color with gold reflections, and it reveals an ethereal bouquet with hints of vanilla, honey and white chocolate that complement its smooth velvet flavor. Maturation for the Riserva is a minimum of 10 years.

Ferrari Wines has proven to be Italy’s most successful producer of metodo classico sparkling wine as demonstrated by its appearance at some of most significant moments in statesmanship, arts and culture. Ferrari Wines is a perennial recipient of the Tre Bicchieri award, Italy’s most highly esteemed wine accolade.

With its prestigious history, Ferrari Wines is certain to make quite an impression on wine aficionados in the United States. If the sales at New York’s Eataly are any indication, Ferrari Wines is well on its way.

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