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Ferrari LaFerrari crashes in Monaco

Pictures of the first LaFerrari crash as well as the first production Laferrari on display.
Pictures of the first LaFerrari crash as well as the first production Laferrari on display.

It has been reported that one of the ultra rare Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid supercars has been crashed by it's owner in Monaco. The crash happened between a Volkswagen Golf and the Ferrari LaFerrari. From the looks of the accident it seems as no one was seriously injured, except for the owner's wallet. It is not clear who is exactly at fault for the crash but I know this is one insurance claim I 'd never want to deal with. Just to give you a good idea a new Ferrari LaFerrari will set you back about $1.7 million dollars. There are also reports that a previously purchased LaFerrari was sold off to a high bidder at $3.24 million dollars. It was rumored that the demand for this car was so high that Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo hand picked the car's customers... My bet is he might be second guessing this one customer now. This just goes to show how rare and in demand of a car this really is. So crashing one right off the bat is almost gut wrenching to think about.

LaFerrari Crash

Just recently the first production model Ferrari LaFerrari was on display at the Chrysler headquarters during a Fiat / Chrysler event. The car is a proud show piece and has made it's way on display at headquarters on several occasions. The LaFerrari is a hybrid supercar with only 499 being made and sold worldwide. The LaFerrari has a staggering top speed of 217 mph and is able to reach 62 mph in less than 3 seconds. The hybrid supercar is powered by both a 6.3 liter v-12 engine as well as an electric motor providing a total of 950 HP! The vehicle has also won two design awards and made it's debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show along with the McLaren P1 paving the way for the future of hybrid sports cars.