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Ferocious feline 'Lux' who prompted 911 call now at county shelter

Lux shown here in one of his gentler moods. Today he is at the county shelter.
Lux shown here in one of his gentler moods. Today he is at the county shelter.
Courtesy of Lee Palmer.

The gorgeous black and white 22-pound Himalayan cat named "Lux," whose bad temper went viral last week prompting the cat's owners to call 911 in Portland, is now homeless and in the custody of the Multnomah County Animal Shelter reports Oregon Live.

On Monday morning, Lee Palmer, the owner of Lux, called the shelter to come and get the cat whose grumpy feline temper caused the owner, his girlfriend, her seven-month-old baby, and the family dog to lock themselves in the bedroom; the cat was furious after the baby had pulled the cat's tail.

Although Palmer stated he kicked the cat in the behind after Lux swiped at the baby and drew blood, the cat had no intentions of retreating.

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According to Mike Oswald, the shelter director of Multnomah County, the family has not made a final decision as to surrendering Lux, but intend to make their decision today.

If the family chooses to surrender the tempestuous, temperamental feline, he will be made available for adoption.

Surely, Lux won't be placed in a home with young children.

We will be following the story closely and report as more information becomes available. There is a line out the door with qualified adopters who would love to work with Lux.

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