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Fernwood Restaurant: Your grandma's favorite place

Roast gravy
Roast gravy

The Fernwood has been a fixture in the Elmwood section of West Hartford as far back as most of our parents and grandparents can remember. Many of them think of it as an institution, a reminder of simpler times. And although nostalgic, this restaurant may not be for today's foodie. The Fernwood is old school, hence, the reason for no website link. The establishment is dark and somewhat musty. The bar promises a good time with a full offering of wine, beer and liquor at very reasonable prices.

The food portions are supple and are reminiscent of an old tavern. Entrees are also inexpensive, especially for the amount of food which is received. The menu is classic New England style with items such as sandwiches, meatloaf and pot pie. Wait staff is always warm and welcoming and the customers are mostly eating the early bird specials. If you are looking for some place quiet and cozy or you have older company, this might be a wise choice.

The Fernwood is located at 1113 New Britain Avenue.