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Fermentation Station food fermenting workshop this Monday

Bright and Tasty Blessings.

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Shayna Gladstone

This Monday, August 11th, Shayna Gladstone will be presenting "Fermentation Station: The Ancient Practice of Fermenting Foods" at The Balance Clinical & Holistic Massage. Located at 3250 Coolidge Hwy in Berkley, this class is a quick drive up Woodward, and a turn to the left. And this trip promises to lead you to a whole new perspective on food preservation and nutrition.

Attendees will

  1. Learn why consuming just a small amount of fermented foods daily helps you absorb more nutrients from all of the food you consume daily.
  2. Walk away with the knowledge on how to get stated on your own ferments right away at home.
  3. Walk away with a plethora of recipe's and instructions for all different kinds of fermented foods like yogurt, cheese, jams, sauerkraut and more.
  4. Discover how consuming fermented foods can help you lose weight, prevent and reverse diseases such as diabetes & solve digestion issues.
  5. Learn How to Ferment Vegetables and other healthy foods in this workshop.

Fermentation is of prime importance to many in the local Metro Detroit and other Pagan Permaculture and Urban Farming movement. While many garden here, few are able to find resources to lead to the next steps of preserving their harvest easily. Fermentation is a practical option for health and food security.

Who is Shayna Gladstone? Here is a quick insight into the presenter.

Shayna is a social entrepreneur, writer, organizer, social media consultant and cofounder of Project Nuevo Mundo. After years of working in sustainability advocacy for Greenpeace and Sierra Club she received her degree in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management. In Chicago, Shayna was an event organizer and fundraiser for non-profits and began many social projects for 6 years.

Following city life in Chicago, in 2012, Shayna began working with ecovillages in the United States assisting them with fundraising consultation, event production, social media management and volunteer recruitment and management. While living the ecovillage life, she became a new economy advocate and held positions with the New Economics Coalition and Shareable Magazine.

Throughout her professional career Shayna has always been a connector and a voice in media for those interested in living alternatively and featured in publications such as UTNE, Shareable Magazine and The Center for a New American Dream.

Shayna just finished a 10 month journey documenting and contributing to sustainability projects throughout Central and South America with her side-project, Worlds Colliding and made her way to the Amazon of Peru to implement a plan for building a sustainability education center for the ARCC - Amazon Research and Conservation Center. Currently Shayna is organizing a tour with a nationally known artist, The Polish Ambassador that will share regenerative living education to thousands of music fans across the Unites States called, Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour.

So, this writer was intrigued and asked her if she had done this kind of educational work before. Kindly, she responded yesterday.

SG: "I have led groups of people through Latin America teaching team decision making processes and vision/mission identification, coached individuals through finding alternative career paths and taught homesteading workshops at an ecovillage I lived at."

DPE: "What do you want folks to come away with from this?"

SG: "I hope that each of these workshops inspire each attendee to explore themselves deeply, become more self-sufficient and walk away with the tools and empowerment for leading their highest vision. I feel that inspiration, empowerment and tools for practical application are the keys to activating a more meaningful life and hope that these workshops are a powerful source of each for all attendees."

DPE: "What would you like to hold in the future?"

SG: "In the future, my greatest vision is to be able to travel around the world with my Dream Activation series and hold weekend long experiential conferences for underprivileged people and anyone who wishes to live a more fulfilling life, doing something positive for the planet. I also plan to create a consulting service that integrates each of my workshops to help people realize their deep person gifts and provide them with practical tools for taking their dreams to fruition."

This class is the first in a three part series. All to be held in the same location, they are as follows:

  • Fermentation Station: Monday, August 11th 7:00pm-8:30pm Cost: $10
  • Conscious Nomadism & EcoVillage Living: Tuesday, August 12th7:00pm-9:00pm Cost: $15
  • Dream Activation: Saturday, August 16th 9:00am – 4:00pm (with optional networking until 6:00pm) Cost: $65

All tickets must be purchased in advance. This can be done through Paypal or by calling The Balance (to pay by credit/debt) - 248-542-3073.

Interested in Permaculture locally? Check out Spirit Farm. Kate has been bringing forth the fruit of the land here in Detroit for many years.

Blessed Be.

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