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Ferguson's Michael Brown laid to rest today, thousands attend

After 3 autopsies, multiple riots and what were alleged 'civil' protests over the last few weeks, Michael Brown was laid to rest today but something tells me between all of the heated fumes between local and national residents and taunts by some police officers, Michael Brown will not be at peace until the truth comes out about what really happened the day he was shot to death by a police officer in Ferguson. Was he murdered and executed by the police officer or did the officer take drastic measures out of fear for his own safety as Michael Brown allegedly charged at him after assaulting him multiple times in the face? Even if a jury convicts or exonerates the police officer, the truth may never come to light. Heck, a hung jury and mistrial could occur.

Having a criminal justice and law enforcement background, I know that typically friends and family members of victims do not like to hear character witnesses talk about how good they really are by the kind acts that have done in the past. Yet, since the shooting, there has been a simple phrase to describe the victim which was, as a "gentle soul" but if Michael Brown really was the person seen in the liquor store stealing the cigars (or I think what happen was he attempted to purchase the merchandise but the store owner refused the sale not believing he was old enough to purchase it and even though Michael Brown took possession of the merchandise, what we could not see in the security video is Brown leaving behind money on the counter; however, what we did see was Brown taking the clerk by either his shirt or neck and then shoving him backwards. This alone shows that he was not a gentle soul as his friends and family have described him as). Even, Rev. Al Sharpton has referred to Brown as a 'gentle soul' since the day he arrived in St. Louis even though he did not know the victim personally and was merely reflecting from character witness statements on behalf of the victim. Now, I am not suggesting that they are wrong but If I were to strictly by the evidence of the video in grabbing the clerk in the manner that he did, the accounts of him as a gentle soul would be discredited.

But, all of that aside, this was a day of mourning and the politics of the case should have been about how Michael lived his life leading up to the day of his death; however, Rev. Sharpton delivered the eulogy and from the highlights I caught from watching FoxNews today, the events of the day Brown died leading up to today were dragged through the rut with Sharpton continuing to argue what was literally the black and white controversy in the politics of the case.

Now, all of that aside, I understand that Brown was raised in Christianity and a Baptist at heart. As a Christian myself, I would hope that Brown was obedient before God and repented sins following any sinful times. But whatever his past deeds were, even if he did take the merchandise and even if he did charge at the police officer prior to his death, I pray that he was a believer leading up to that sad day and while he might not be at rest until the truth; if ever, comes out, I pray he is in heaven because this is one thing that the officer cannot take away from him. The officer only killed Michael's flesh but not his soul.

Reportedly, over 1,000 mourners attended the funeral at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church with hundreds if not thousands more mourning across the nation. Pastor Charles Ewing, a cousin of Michael, also had some cherished words to say about his nephew.

"Blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance, crying for justice."

-- Pastor Charles Ewing

Due to the extreme heat and humidity today in St. Louis which reached upwards of 107 with the heat index, EMS were on and in case of any heat related illnesses inside the church and to those standing outside due to the church capacity.

For more on Rev. Al Sharpton's Controversy over his political statement during what was suppose to be a moving eulogy, CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO [X]

Rev. Al Sharpton has advised the media networks and the private citizens of Ferguson that HE is the go-to-person for President Obama with all things Michael Brown and Ferguson.

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