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Ferguson, racism; “as American as cherry pie.”

That anyone is surprised by the intensity of the racism, the gratuitous looting and the confrontationally militarized “law enforcement” reflex reaction in Ferguson is part and parcel of the problems with the US “democratic” process.

Among those problems is the apparent short term memory or lack of knowledge of history that “we the people” have, especially those who are the flashpoint.

Then there is the pesky fact of those inalienable rights. They may exist in organic form, the Bill of Rights, but only exist as realistic rights as defined by whomever is in charge and provided we behave in a manner prescribed by a bunch of frightened, pathetically paranoid angry old white men safely ensconced in a heavily armed and protected bunker. It has been that way from just about page one.

The response by the faceless “government” should also come as no surprise, but usually does. It’s the reason the people in charge use terms such as “government” though there is no such thing as “government.” It is, however, a most convenient, term of use. Why? Because it is so easy to fear, ridicule or berate those you do not know. I would also throw-in that it likely also keeps those in governance out of harm’s way.

While there is no such thing as “government” there are those in the process, the system of governance. However, those in governance, especially far from the home front, in Washington, D.C. for example are largely unknown to the average person in this country. There are oh so many reasons for that. Most of those reasons go to the very root causes that make events in Ferguson a reality.

Those in governance are coalesced by the one-percent into a convenient whipping boy that the average citizen of this nation can slander, libel, blame, revile and just plain hate. In that sense “government” becomes a piñata, only no candy spills out no matter how much bashing takes place because a make believe entity, such as “government” simply cannot be beat into submission because it doesn’t exist. If it did exist there would be more than a few rock star wannabe members of at least the US house and senate walking around with casts, slings, crutches, bruises and bandages. (Interesting visual, no?)

A good friend tells me that one of the key problems with people in general and I would add in the US in particular is that people are tribal, primordially so. Certainly history teaches they are also brutally, aggressively violent as well.

There has been fairly biased and superficial coverage of the events in Ferguson but little to no peeling back of the layers to look for the root causes of the confrontational events of the past few weeks. That, too, is part and parcel of the problem. One notable exception to that broad brush statement has been the coverage by NPR and in Texas TPR.

Two cultures that interact but little and then at gross disadvantage to one can hardly be expected to react or respond in any other way than has been the case in Ferguson, the current epicenter of what is a national problem. In that sense people of color in the US are similar, if not identical, to Palestinians in the nearly half a century-long Israeli occupied, Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights.

"When there is no sense of fairness, equality and opportunity, repression becomes rule and decency the exception."

That is the case with our apartheid public education system, our for-profit (for profit?) prison-industrial complex and in our lack of a comprehensive and all-inclusive national health care system.

Over the course of the past five, long, repressive decades I’ve seen little improvement in the march toward fairness, equality and opportunity; and there’s a damn good reason for that. It is the mounting effort over that time by the one-percent with more than a little help (witting and unwitting), and the aiding and abetting of their lapdogs in the millionaire’s club we refer to as the congress to say little of the efforts of frightened, pathetically paranoid angry old white men and women who seek nothing more than to erode what little good came from the era of FDR. Those egregiously misanthropic efforts by the one-percent to erode the very essence of "the American Dream" are reinforced times over by the majority voting population intent on keeping things just as they are to our collective detriment and to the benefit of the one-percent puppet masters.

The gatekeeper puppet masters enjoy and use the fact that not only is "divide and conquer" a great strategy and "rule of war" but also just how well it fits into the fact that indeed racism like violence “is as American as cherry pie.

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, a deplorable apartheid public education system, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority voting population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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