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Ferguson protests brings out racism on social media

This woman is the wife of Ferguson's Chief of Police, allegedly.
This woman is the wife of Ferguson's Chief of Police, allegedly.
Twitter user/Domo

Ferguson, Missouri: A week after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown protests rage on with new reports of violence. This late Saturday report (Aug. 16) reveals that a person was shot and at least seven people have been arrested while attempting to disobey the town curfew -- which was put in place after the governor declared a state of emergency. The person who was shot is reportedly in critical condition, but not much else is being revealed about what happened. This report shares that (aside from the shooting) police used tear gas on the protesters who did not go home after the curfew was imposed. These events are all taking place because a white police officer shot dead a black teen in a town that is mostly black. Witnesses say that Michael Brown had his hands in the air, begging to not be shot, before he was killed by the officer in question. This case is bringing out a lot of emotion from a lot of people, but the worst emotions of all appear to be flooding social media -- and they bring attention to the rampant racism that still exists in this country.

Over the past week, the racism that's erupted on social media since this case can only be compared to the spike in racism during the Trayvon Martin case. There are, of course, a few parallels between the two cases. Michael Brown was an unarmed 17-year-old young man when he was shot dead; So was Trayvon Martin. The stark and very obvious difference between these two cases is the fact that people who are in "authority" are responsible for the death -- and an entire community is angry. No reasonable people appear to be in support of the Ferguson Police Department -- who have a history of violence against blacks.However, irrational people gather in droves on the internet, and the horrible things they are saying proves just how necessary these protests in Furguson. On Twitter and Facebook, some of the horrible things being said reflect the sentiment of the lowest common denominator of society, but it looks like at least one of those racists is the wife of the Ferguson Chief of Police! Catherine Nardi reportedly said the following about the black community in Ferguson:

"They are feral and violent. They murder each other. They murder their unborn babies. They murder white people. They hate police officers and murder some of them, even black ones. They destroy neighbors and entire cities with garbage and drugs. They live their lives off the hard-earned tax dollars of other Americans. Yet somehow they are the victims. What insanity is that?"

On Twitter, the sentiment expressed is even more graphic than the words spoken above by the Ferguson Police Chief's wife. The use of the N-Word is rampant, with hateful racist trolls referring to Michael Brown as a "dumb dead n****r" among other things. Others are tweeting their happiness that Robin Williams died because "the death of a white actor will distract people from all the angry n****rs in Missouri."

Another person said "Blow up all the n****rs in Ferguson," and another said "I hope all the n*****rs in Ferguson get shot." The evil-spirited, racist sentiment goes on and on and on, but it's all indicative of something far deeper than just "trolling" on the internet. Just like the Trayvon Martin shooting, the racists are swarming the internet in droves under both anonymous handles and their own public profiles to slur and spit the most hateful and offensive things they can in hopes of hurting and offending those who already feel victimized.

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